Coastal Customs Mossel Bay

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24 Voorloper Cresent, Mossdustria, Mossel Bay, South Africa
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A letter from John & Lesley

Good Morning Walter,

First, I want to thank you for having provided me with a coil for my old Chevrolet.

Second I also want to thank you for letting me drive the Studebaker, you are very trusting.
I must say that your cars are very nice but also challenging to drive !! For the past 50 years I have driven automatic cars with power steering, etc.

The first time we met, we talked about your Cadillac, beautiful, but it is big and I would be very stressed to drive it on Marsh St.,

Not for sale, so case closed.

The one that I really like is the Plymouth, lovely colour and attractive look, but I did have difficulty to get in and out.

Just before Christmas, I fell in the garage, have had to be transported to hospital in ambulance under a lot of morphine. So now I suffer !

Anyway, I just wanted to make you this little report and thank you again for your kindness.

Kind regards
John & Lesley

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