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Collector Car Hybrids

Many hobbyists are taking a modern approach to car restoration and creating collector car hybrids. These cars receive all current day mechanical technology such as new brakes, drive train and engine, but still retain the original body trim and interior.

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Purity vs Safety

Upgrading of the safety features of a classic car can be an issue. Driving conditions were much different back when the car was first put on the market and many of the mechanical systems classic cars came with cannot adequately cope with today’s current driving conditions. Unfortunately, upgrading the safety features in your classic car will detract from its purity.
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Should you Restore Car Frame Off or Frame On?

As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks. As with everything, there are multiple ways of restoring motoring works of art, and here we take a look at Frame Off and Frame On restoration.

A Frame Off restoration is a full “Factory New” restoration while a Frame On restoration is one that leaves the body on the car and selectively restores the components needed to bring the car into good working conditions. There are benefits and drawbacks to each option.


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Why People Like Buying Classic Cars?

The car industry, which began in the early twentieth century, plays an important role in the development and progress of the society we live in today. It’s a driving factor not only in creating an outstanding system of highways that link various areas, but also in making traveling easy for many families heading out on holiday. You will find that a lot of people pursue the hobby of collecting and restoring classic cars. Here are a few reasons why people love to buy and restore classic cars.

Antique collectors love the attention

Driving Model T Ford, an antique car, down the road will make most people take pause to admire a piece go motoring history. This stands true for almost any classic car. People love the attention when others stop and stare at their motoring choice. If you love being a star attraction, this is one surefire way to achieve it.
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It’s Easy To Be “Green”

Car owners can contribute to the green practice by making a few ‘earth-friendly’ car care habits, note the experts at the non-profit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). It all comes down to scheduled maintenance and non-aggressive driving.

Here are few suggestions on keeping it clean and green:

• Take it slow. Speeding and hard accelerations wastes fuel. Make use cruise-control on highways, when possible, to maintain a steady speed. When waiting for friends or family, shut off the engine.

• Lighten up. Remove unnecessary items from the vehicle to reduce weight and so reduce fuel consumption.

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A Few Things To Consider When Investing In A Classic Car

If you are considering investing in a classic car, chances are you have given it a great deal of thought, issues and consequences swimming around in your head. Without a doubt, buying a classic car is a giant step, however there’s no reason why it can’t be a good idea. Here’s precisely what you should consider when buying a classic car, to ensure that you make the right decision.

Researching it

Ok, this one is true for before you consider a specific car, however it’s vital start off on the proper foot. Though it’s possible that you’ve got a particular build and model of car in mind, you can’t simply jump in and purchase the first one you see. Study it, analysis it online and learn more about it’s backstory.

Also, take the time to examine the make and model of the car. A number of cars have common faults, which is information you should be aware of, and more importantly how to fix it. This may be a time-saver later on.

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10 Muscle Cars That Starred In Hit Movies

Action movies and high speed car chases go together like a fish and chips. However once muscle cars on sale to the general public started outrunning police cars in the late nineteen sixties, it gave filmmakers a number of fresh ideas. What if the criminals were automotively better equipped than the police? Many classic films of the time addressed this subject, this in turn create the most entertaining chase movies of all time.

For this list, the author picked cars that were featured in films or that stole the show. Pure star quality was the sole component all of them share in common, although some have a simular make and model. USA automakers appear to be as competitive in Hollywood as they are on the sales floor.

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People will travel all across the world and pay small fortunes for a beautiful Classic car.

Auction companies love when one of these rolls onto their block. Potential buyers go crazy over them. People will travel all across the world for the chance to buy it. Unfortunately, only one person will drive away in their new car. The rest of those potential buyers will more than likely leave with something else in order to make their trip worthwhile. Because these cars bring in some very fat wallets, the auction company makes more money on all the cars just because the one highly collectible model was available.

This list is all about muscle cars. There are some criteria a car must meet in order to be considered a “classic” muscle car, and therefore be included on this list. First the car must be equipped with a V-8 engine. It also must be made in America during the late 1960s or early 1970s. Most muscle cars have only two doors. Four door models are the subject of a long argument between muscle car fans; however all agree that two-door models are muscle cars. Lastly, they must have been production cars. This means they are not race cars. Someone could have actually gone to a dealership and bought one these. It does not matter if it was available on lots or if it had to be specially ordered from the manufacturer. It just has to a car that could be purchased by anyone.

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The Mythical aspect of the name ‘ Hot Rod ’

There are many theories on the origins of the name “Hot-Rod” and it has fueled many heated discussions around braais and family dining room tables. This American term became commonplace in the 1930s or 1940s as the name of a car that had been “hopped up” by modifying the engine in various ways to achieve higher performance. A term that was common in the early days to refer to a hot rod was a “gow job”. This has fallen into total disuse except with historians. Out of curiosity we have decided to share a couple of the stories out there.

Some might argue that the term simply was born due to the replacement of the camshaft with a new (“hotter”) version, sometimes known as a hot stick or hot rod, when manufacturing these beautiful machines.

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The 10 Greatest Old Muscle Cars Of All Time

Because it is a genre that enthusiasts are passionate about, you are bound to generate some criticism when compiling a list of the 10 greatest muscle cars of all time. Some enthusiasts trace the history of muscle cars, to the 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88. But the heyday of this genre ran from 1965 to 1970 before collapsing under the weight of higher gas prices, more stringent exhaust emissions regulations and soaring insurance costs.

What is a muscle car? There isn’t a settled definition, but most experts agree it’s a smaller, two-door car powered by a high-displacement engine typically found in a larger, full-size sedan. Some argue that pony cars, such as the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, aren’t muscle cars at all, but for this list, we chose not to make that distinction.

Manufacturers have engineered muscle cars for straight-line speed, inspiring more than an occasional Saturday night drag race between traffic lights. Neither built nor sold in huge numbers, muscle cars were bait, luring buyers into showrooms where they would purchase more mundane models. Yet, the muscle-car mystique lives on. Here’s our list, Enjoy!!!

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