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Purity vs Safety

Upgrading of the safety features of a classic car can be an issue. Driving conditions were much different back when the car was first put on the market and many of the mechanical systems classic cars came with cannot adequately cope with today’s current driving conditions. Unfortunately, upgrading the safety features in your classic car will detract from its purity.

It may seem like something of a conundrum, but in actuality, it is very simple. If you plan on taking the car out on the road, especially a busy city street, then upgrading the car’s safety features will not only keep you safe, but also helps keep your passengers and other road users safe.

While brakes are easy to manage, seat belts might be more of a challenge. Up until the sixties, very few cars came equipped with seat belts as standard. Which is why, if your car did not come with seatbelts, you’ll need to install them which in itself may be an adventure. If you car did come with seatbelts, then it goes without saying that if they’re in disrepair you’ll need to replace them with an authentic factory original.


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